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Preparing for your photoshoot

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

You've booked your photoshoot, you've paid your deposit, you've marked your calendar, now what?!

Follow this helpful guide to get you/your family/your group ready for your special day with your photographer.


- Well groomed, freshly brushed teeth, moisturized skin, clean/painted nails, subtle jewelry (if any)

- Avoid any foods/drinks with strong color 24 hours pre-photoshoot; including red wine (adults), lollypops (kids)

- Bring some touch up makeup/lipstick

- Windy days: bring bobby pins, comb, headband or any of your favorite hair accessories

- Facial hair: clean shaven or freshly trimmed, you can limit bumps/redness by using a new razor with shaving cream and after-shave lotion

- If you tend to have red eyes, remember to pop in some Visine before photos

- If you wear glasses, you may have the option to easily remove lenses to help reduce glare, if so, bring something to put your lenses in

- Outdoors shoots: if you are sensitive to seasonal allergies, take an allergy pill the night before and the day of the photoshoot to reduce sneezing/watery eyes/redness (bring some pocket tissue with you)


- Dress for the weather and have extra layers on cold/windy days

- Bring a tote bag with some additional clothing (i.e. scarves, hats, sweaters, jackets, gloves etc.) to quickly/easily change up your look for some different styles throughout your session, if your session selection allows for more than 1 outfit change

- Coordinate a similar style of outfits (i.e. all members are casual, or all are dressy) and footwear (shine/polish/clean shoes prior to photos). Avoid worn-in runners/walking shoes.

- Find neutrals and add some pops of color, be careful not to choose heavy prints as it can take away from the photo and people. Don't shy away from color, but try to avoid neons/bright clothing or heavily logo'd attire. Think neutral palate.

- Freshly ironed clothing goes a long way

- Most importantly, be comfortable with your outfit choice, bring a few options that you love and I will help you choose during the shoot.

- If you have fair/light skin stay away from light colored clothing

- If you have darker skin stay away from dark colored clothing

- Outdoor shoots: avoid high heels (wedges are okay) so you don’t sink into the grass or get your feet dirty. Bring a comfortable walking shoe so you can change as we move around.

Props – make the photos your own!

- Photos are meant to capture you! Think about what makes you (and other members in your shoot) happy and relaxed. How do you enjoy interacting with one another (over a glass of wine, a beer, reading, games, etc.) – bring props at your discretion.

- If you would like to bring any holiday props with you (i.e. santa hats for everyone or a happy holidays signs etc.)

- Beach blanket/throws (sheets work well too, stick with neutral tones and solid prints) for some seated shots on the ground

Distractions for children:

- Bring familiar distractions and snacks/water (not juice/pop)

- Bring their favorite toy/blanket/book/costume etc.

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